10F Restaurants
9F Garden & Florists
8F Home Furnishings
7F Arts & Crafts
6F Stationary, Books, Gifts
5F Hobbies, Sporting Goods
4F Children's Accessories
3F Men's Accessories
2F Women's Accessories
1F Beauty & Cosmetics
B1 Pet Department
B2 Groceries & Food Court

I am Queenie Wu, the founder of Mini Square. I would like to present my miniature work to fellow miniatures enthusiasts around the world.

Mini Square is a concept of an imaginary mall which represents in a smaller scale model a real life shopping mall. Each level (or floor) represents a department. Here you will find many consumer goods from Stationary, Books, Gifts to pet supplies. The realism in interaction is the focus.

Mini Square emphasizes a contemporary style. Many of the products reflect a modern influence (though some are still kept traditional). Mini Square also encompasses both Western as well as Eastern cultures. It is unconfined to a culture or time period.

Also unbound by traditional dollhouse displays, Mini Square shows how miniatures can be displayed in various creative settings such as a small shadow box or a room box which can blend with your house decor rather then being an isolated piece. These pieces can be hung on a wall as part of a wall decoration or they can be placed on a shelf where space is not amble. We can also build any custom display scene at your request.

minisquare.com is open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Mini Square.