10F Restaurants
9F Garden & Florists
8F Home Furnishings
7F Arts & Crafts
6F Stationary, Books, Gifts
5F Hobbies, Sporting Goods
4F Children's Accessories
3F Men's Accessories
2F Women's Accessories
1F Beauty & Cosmetics
B1 Pet Department
B2 Groceries & Food Court

Prices are shown in US dollars.
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1. PayPal
2. International Postal Money Order
3. Personal Check (must allow 2-3 weeks to clear before items are shipped out).
4. Credit Card - we do not process credit cards over the internet. Can check out by selecting the payment by "check or money order" and call us at 647-205-8231 to give your credit card number for processing.
Alternatively you can download this order form, print it out, fill in the items you want to buy and mail the form with your credit card information and we will process it.

To order the item on the website, click on Add to Cart. It will take you to the shopping cart and you will see the item that you have added there. You can change the quanity by typing in the appropriate number or delete the item by typing in "0". Click "Change" and the card will reflect the new changes. You can click on the item thumbnail to see a bigger picture of it.
To continue shopping, click on "Continue Shopping" at the bottom of the page to go back to the main department page.

To Check Out, choose the method of payment and shipping option then click the "Purchase For" button.

Ontario residences must click on the tax check box to add 8% PST to the order.

You will then input your shipping & billing address. The shopping cart will then take you to the payment of your choice.

You will receive an email confirmation of your order.

All orders are shipped first class airmail by Canada Post. Express delivery to the US, Canada and international countries is available on request.

Since some products only have one or really limited, those products will be puchased by first come first serve basis.